Thursday, July 22, 2010

My (ex-)Neurologist Is a Jerkface

So, like I said, I got an appointment with a new neurologist for August. My girlfriend, being awesome and helpful, agreed to call my old neurologist's office and tell them, plus find out how we could get my records- we agreed we want our own copy in addition to giving them to the new doctor. So several weeks ago, she did this for me. The receptionist was helpful and wrote it all in my file, but told us that I would have to come in person to pick up the records, which I was halfway expecting. We asked if my mom could come in and get them (since she is, you know, in the right state and we aren't), and we were told that she couldn't since I'm over 18. Several weeks later we were going to fly down to get my car and more of my stuff and to visit anyway, so we figured we could come get the records then.

So the several weeks passed. Then, the night before we were leaving to fly down, I find a message on my phone saying that I need to schedule an appointment with him. I was like, no way in hell, thank you very much. I have good reasons to be moving on. When I told my mom about it she got really annoyed. Apparently family members can pick up medical records if they have a signed note, and she volunteered so I wouldn't have to go to his office again. We were also angry because it seemed that he wasn't going to renew my prescriptions, which I just needed for one more month before my appointment with the new doctor. But once it became clear that I wasn't going to come in to be bullied by him again, he approved my prescriptions after all. Which is a good thing because most of the point in going to the new neurologist is to get off of Xyrem safely. Doctors... can't live with 'em...

Meanwhile, we had a good but exhausting visit to my hometown, and then a very long drive back up here. We've mostly recovered and I'm feeling much more moved in. :) I'm hitting new lows in energy level, but what's new. I just hope the neurologist I'm seeing in August is an improvement over the last one. (Not hard to do.)